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Love Stories of Hawaii


He Was There The Whole Time
Dedicated to Daniel Pankey

Submitted by Anonymous

We rode the same bus. We were friends in school. I have video of us talking at my eighth grade graduation to each other. I never knew he had a crush on me then till now. It's now fourteen years later and I'm planning our wedding. One failed marriage later. And a waste of four years on another relationship, I was left feeling that I would never find true love. Until one night at work, I had to handle a guest complaint. The moment I walked up to the table, he said my name. I looked up to see him and was shoked. The first thing that he asked me, was I still married? I said no. The second thing he asked me, how is your little boy doing? I said that he is not so little anymore. He asked me for my phone number and of course I gave it to him. I had given up on love but not friendship. The next time I seen him was on his birthday. He came into my work place with some friends for his birthday dinner. I was getting off from work and told him that if he wanted to go out later to give me a call. Later that night he called. We met some of my friends and had a really nice time. When he dropped me off at my car he offered to start it and get it warm for me so I wouldn't have to get into a cold car. I declined his offer thinking that he was just being silly. When he was really just trying to be a nice guy. The next day he called and we talked for hours on the phone. He asked me out for that Saturday night. I told him that I couldn't that I had my son and really didn't want to get a babysitter for him. With the job that I have, I don't get alot of time with him. He sat silent for a bit and then asked me if my son liked Japaness food. I said yes. He said well then we will all go out to eat. That made me nervous. But, I took him up on it. We had a great time. After dinner he took us to rent movies and let Marshall pick out what he wanted to watch. Me and Daniel started dating a week later. I thank God everyday that it was Daniel's table I had to visit that night. He is wonderful with my son. My son is so excited about the wedding. He will finally have someone to call dad. We are having a small wedding just family and friends. The honeymoon is going to have to wait. Maybe one day we will fly away to Hawaii. My mom went there once and said it was beyond words.

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