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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Happy Hour at the Tahitian Lounge
Dedicated to Brian Daily

Submitted by Anonymous

I first came to Hawaii to work on the cruise ship, the USS Independence. I was the manager of the beauty salon. I had worked for about 8 weeks and had never gotten paid. Still I made really good money and the job was a dream. However, since my principals told me that if you work, you get paid, I was terribly upset with my boss, and decided to "jump ship" to teach him a lesson.

So when the weekend came, I got off the ship and didn't go back.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.........

There I was no clothes, no money, and the ship had left port, so no where to sleep. Hmmmmmmmmmm

I decided to go to this cute little lounge called the Tahitian Lounge. It was located in the historical (now, demolished)Waikikian. What a glorious place. Little individual suites with lanais, and tiki torches, and lots of guitar playing and fun at night.

At the lounge, I was sitting there confused and depressed because of the stupid thing I had done, and this man asked if he could buy me a drink. I thought , "What the heck" Like I had anything else to do.

The next thing I know, we were in a lovely conversation, he invited me to stay there, and found me some clothes from a friend of his, and paid for me a suite for a week until I could get settled. He then, helped me figure out what to do about my delima, and to make a long story short...........we fell in love and had a lovely relationship. It lasted for some time, but didn't turn out to be "The One" However, he and I remained the best of friends.

I will never forget the chance meeting at the Tahitian Lounge. It remains one of my greatest and most memorable events in my life.

The Waikikian was sadly torn down, and what a terrible day for a lot of people who loved it, and have such beautiful memories ........There will never be anything quite like it again.

Mahalo for the memories.

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