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Love Stories of Hawaii


Low Budget Wedding...
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Leigh

It's Decemeber 19th, 2002, and we're running late for a date to get married! No big wedding; no large family; our friends are at work; and it's Thursday afternoon.

Josh is ironing his favorite dress shirt, and I'm styling my hair. Our smiles were as big as they were ever going to get. I took my engagement ring off so I could apply a handful of lotion without getting lotion all over my ring. Josh took his ring off so he could shine it up a bit. We gathered our coats for the evening and headed out the door.

Our destination...Downtown San Diego, but before we could get there we needed to stop at the store to pick up a white undershirt for Josh. As we waited for the light to turn, we were completely oblivious to the street sign right next to the green turn signal. "No U-Turn". We did a U-turn to get to the store, and what do we hear and see in our mirror? Sirens and lights! We were being pulled over for doing a U-turn in a No U-Turn intersection! I was ready to cry! The motorcycle officer asked if we saw the No U-Turn sign? Josh said "No Sir." The office must have noticed that Josh was saying "Sir" a lot. He asked Josh if he was in the service? Josh stated that he was a Marine and that today was his wedding day. We were on our way downtown to get married that moment.

I do not know if the officer felt sorry for us, or was impressed by Josh's respect being a Marine? Thank goodness we were only given a warning to pay more attention to the street signs. The officer even said "congradulations" and drove off. After the officer left, Josh ran in to the store and picked up his undershirt, then we were off again to get downtown.

As we were driving I told Josh that I really needed to call my Mom in Spokane, Washington. I gave her a quick call to let her know we were on our way (no one but my mom at that time knew that we were getting married.) She was happy for us, but sad that she could not be there with us. At that moment while speaking to my Mom on my cell phone, I looked at my hand. My ring was missing! I looked at Josh's hand and he had his on. To add to the stress, we now had to turn back around and go back home to pick up my ring that I took off when I was putting lotion on.

Two hours later we finally made it to downtown San Diego! Nervousness just set in and now it was real. We both seemed to loose our breath all at once. As we sat waiting for our turn, we both were getting more and more quiet. We were a little surprised at the girl who was going to marry us. She was so young; probably 23 years old? Then we saw the girl who would be the official witness; she had to be younger than the other girl? They were excited for our ceremony because they would get to go outside instead of being stuck indoors for another ceremony. We could not help but laugh as we headed outside.

When we went outside we were asked where we would like to stand for the ceremony? There was a small archway with palm trees and flowers next to a fountain, with San Diego Bay right behind. It was a little piece of paradise in the middle of the city. As we stood there listening and saying our vows, all the city sounds seemed to fade away. It was just us getting married on a beautiful day. We heard those words, you are now husband and wife, and we kissed. A $10 donation Polaroid picture was taken of Josh and I standing under the archway holding each others hands. It was the only picture taken of us getting married, but it was a perfect picture.

We were officially married, but we didn't know what to do now. It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and our dinner cruise was not to start until 7pm tonight to celebrate our wedding. We decided to take a walk in Balboa park; then had a late lunch at SeaPort Village over looking San Diego Bay; then we took a sunset walk on the beach and had coffee at the Hotel Del on Coronado Island (the place we realized we loved each other.)

As we cruised the San Diego Bay celebrating, we looked at our Poloroid picture of our wedding, one simple little picture that we could cherish forever. We couldn't help but think even though we could not afford a big wedding, expensive rings, and our dream honeymoon vacation...the poloroid picture of us standing under the archway with palms trees and flowers, and the waterfront in the background, we truly felt like we got our dream wedding in Hawaii. And if we never told anyone how we really got married, no one would ever know by looking at our wedding day picture.

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