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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Mr. Right
Dedicated to Single Girls

Submitted by Mary

She was so tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come sweep her off her feet. Susan needed a break from her life, so she asked her girlfriend Candace to go to Hawaii for a getaway vacation.
Sitting at SeaTac in a tank top in November she looked silly, but she was so ready to get her trip started. The flip-flops were overkill though. Candace couldn't look at her or she'd laugh.
Candace loved to people watch and when two handsome business men aproached the ticket counter she elbowed Susan hard.
Rubbing her arm ("that'll leave a bruise," she thought) Susan waved her off. "I'm not going there. I don't want to think about guys for a week, ok?"
"Then why are we going to Paradise?" Candace thought.
Susan wasn't interested.
As the gate crew called out boarding rows Candace watched as the businessmen entered for first class. "Out of my league," she thought.
The girls read their travel brochures and planned their activities during the flight and time passed so quickly they were shocked when the pilot announced the decent into Honolulu.

Stepping out of the airport the warm air hit Susan and the smell of the tropics pulled her far away from her stress at home. "This is exactly what I need," she thought.

The hotel van was waiting for them and wisked them away. The room was amazing. The balcony door opened up into the most amazing view of the sun setting over the beach, palm trees gently swaying in the fragrant, warm breeze.
They were too tired for anything other than dinner.
"Let's go!" Susan declared.
"Where?" asked Candace.
"Where? Candace asked again.
"Downstairs to the hotel restaurant."
"Good, I'm hungry," Candace agreed.
The ahi melted in their mouths and just as they were getting ready to sign the bill the waiter brought them two Mai Tais.
"We didn't order these," said Susan.
"Yes maam, these are compliments of the two gentlemen at that table. There's a note maam," replied the waiter.
Candace looked over her shoulder, "it's them!" she shouted as quietly as she could.
"Who?" Susan asked.
"The businessmen from the plane."
"The guys in first class."
Susan read the note... "Same plane, same hotel, same restaurant. What are the odds? -Jeff & Dan"
Candace turned and gave an appreciative wave.
"Don't, you'll encourage them," Susan scolded.
"Look, you may have sworn off men for the week, but I'm not dead."
Candace turned again to attempt eye contact and they were gone.
"Where'd they go?" she asked Susan.
"I don't know and I don't care," Susan replied. "I'm going to bed."
"You didn't finish your Mai Tai," Candace mocked.

In the morning as the girls left the hotel lobby for the beach, Candace elbowed Susan again when she spied their businessmen sitting down to an obvious breakfast meeting with a local.
Susan, rifling through her bag for her sunglasses had no time for this. "Ouch, stop that, I'm going to be covered in bruises."

"There they are again," Candace sang.
"Can we just go to the beach?" Susan asked as the strap on her bag broke and the contents spilled to the ground. "Typicial," she thought.
As the girls knelt and gathered the contents of her purse, Susan noticed a man helping pick up her sunscreen and lip balm.
"Looking for this?" said the helpful stranger.
"Thanks," said Susan as her eyes caught his and she stood shoving items back into her bag.
"So, are you Dan or Jeff?" asked Candace.
He held out his hand and shook Susan's.
"Daniel Wright, at your service," he replied.

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