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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Hawaiian Sunrise
Dedicated to David

Submitted by Janice

She watched him from the lanai of the condo that first morning and wondered if he had ever looked at the sunrise and felt the way she was feeling right now. The colors of the sky over the aquamarine water almost took her breath away. He never even glanced up at it. Feeling reckless, she leaned over the railings and shouted, "Hey!" He looked around but not up, shrugged, then went back to his job of cleaning the pool. She wanted to try getting his attention again, but was afraid to disturb the guests surrounding her who'd elected to sleep in. This was after all, Hawaii, and nobody wanted to be on a schedule-- especially the four girls she'd made this trip with. They were celebrating their graduation from college and had decided to make this the trip of a lifetime before entering the world of attaches', business suits and nine to five workdays. They'd sworn to each other that they'd sleep in late, never plan ahead, and enjoy each minute without looking ahead to the next one. What better place than Kauai, Hawaii, right?

She looked away from the glorious sunrise once more and realized that he was standing right under her balcony.

"Aloha!" she tried out one of the few Hawaiian words she knew. He looked up and smiled, friendly and inviting.

"Aloha! Is there something I can do for you?" His accent was rhythmic and had sort of a lilt to it. She found that she liked it almost as much as the sunrise.

Suddenly feeling shy and no longer reckless, she pulled her bathrobe tighter around her pajamas and ran her hand through her tousled brown hair. He continued to look at her, smiling, expectant.

"I…I was wondering if the sunrises here were always as wonderful as this morning's."

He turned to look at the sight that had captured her so completely waiting a few moments before turning back to her lanai. He no longer wore the impish smile that had graced his face moments before.

"Yes…yes they are. Mahalo.Thank you for making me remember that. I was just feeling sorry for myself, having to work while all my friends are sleeping in before spending the day surfing. But, you've reminded me how lucky I am to be here. It's not so bad after all, yeah?"

She smiled showing the dimples that made her eyes twinkle. He was totally captivated. They had breakfast that morning after he'd finished work and after she'd pulled on her bathing suit and combed her unruly brown curls. Her friends left for the mainland eight days later. She stayed behind sacrificing her attaché, her business suits and her nine to five job.

They never saw another Hawaiian sunrise without feeling that breathlessness and sense of awe that she'd experienced the first day they saw each other. And every time he looked at her, he gave thanks to the gods that he'd skipped surfing and gone to work that morning.

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