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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii Wedding under the Stars
Dedicated to My fiancé Greg

Submitted by Yuki

Submitted by Yuki Kozu

My sweetheart, Greg and I have a dream wedding in mind…A beautiful, intimate, sun filled Hawaii wedding on a secluded location where we can feel the soft sand between our toes, feel the warm ocean breeze glide our faces and hear the gentle waves greeting us with every step we make. Only to be surrounded by our closest family and friends filling the air with much laughter.

Greg purposed to me in the most magical way in Hawaii…and I mean truly magical. He took me under the stars overlooking the ocean and he sat me on his lap. We both stared up into the sky looking at the stars as I caught a glimpse of a shooting star. I asked him, "Hunny, I just saw a shooting star! Did you see it?" He replied, "No, but you better make a wish before it's too late." So I closed my eyes to make my wish as he slipped the ring onto my, "uh hem" right ring finger that is! I knew he was proposing but I had to tease him, "Hunny, what are you doing?" "You know what I'm doing silly girl, will you marry me?" I was silent for awhile because the ring was on the wrong finger, then I started to chuckle and gave him a hug. "You haven't given me an answer" he retorts. "Yes, of course but the ring is on the wrong finger hunny." Greg was so embarrassed he turned red and ran away. Nonetheless, it was still the most magical night for both of us because Greg now takes credit for the shooting star and I will forever feel as though God blessed me with a beautiful starry night in the arms of a beautiful man. This is a story that we share with everyone we love.

Just as our engagement, this time I wish to offer Greg a magical Hawaii wedding and honeymoon that he and I will forever cherish and talk endlessly about with our family and friends. This time however, I hope to give Greg his shooting star under the skies of Hawaii and make our dreams come true.

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