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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Dream
Dedicated to Jerry Geer

Submitted by Anonymous

About 10 years ago I had a dream that seemed so real that I felt as if I had experienced Hawaii without going there. My husband is aware of this dream and that is why our quest to go to Hawaii is high on our list.

The dream takes me to the beaches of Hawaii with everything being as vivid as the commercials for the Paradise vacations seen on TV. I am walking hand in hand with my husband along the ocean. It was so romantic and there is not a person on the beach with us. As the sun was setting and a few small waves were coming in and my husband arm around my waist, the beauty of it all took my breath away and with that short breathlessness it woke me up! It was so real like that I thought of that dream for 10 years. From then on that dream has been my goal of going to Hawaii to experience what I felt in my dream.

Of course this is not a long love story or a wish I could find Mr. Wonderful again or a made for TV plot. It is just some fantasy that I dreamed of that I am one day going to make it a real fantasy

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