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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

For Love and Family
Dedicated to My Sweetheart, ET

Submitted by Anonymous

We eloped after three days of our first date, thirty years ago. Then we had to introduce each other to our new in-laws and siblings. We talked about what we each wanted from our married life, we each wanted a family, four childen and no divorce.

Although we were crazy in love we kept asking each other if we were sure we really could make this last and if we were really positive we wanted to marry each other. After we decided we would make this work we did not have enough money to get married. We had to call his sister to wire us money so we could get married.

Being young and in love we made our life work.
We were blessed with a good married life, four children and now a grandchild.

The best thing about our love story is that our oldest son planned his wedding to be in Hawaii. We were able to take all our family, most of us maxed out credit cards or used our savings and we had a beautiful wedding on the beach for them and then a beautiful week on Maui where we played, snorkled and loved the island.

Our island visit was the greatest experience we have shared as a family to date and we all fell in love with Hawaii. Because my sweetheart and I never got a honeymoon this was a dream come true for us and we got to share these memories while making new and unforgettable memories with our son and his wife. How more perfect can it get?

My sweetheart and I can not wait to revisit the island and enjoy the aloha spirit that was shared by the Hawaiian people and the beautiful island of Maui.

If you have not gone to Hawaii yet you should make a plan and do it. You will love it!!

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