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Love Stories of Hawaii


Unforgettable Honeymoon
Dedicated to Daniel Beal, my dear husband

Submitted by Carrie

The is sand blowing through our toes, the roars of the ocean's waves are hypnotizing, I look at Daniel's face and I see the beautiful reflection of the purples and oranges in his eyes, and the sun sets on the horizon. I never want to leave this place. Maui, Hawaii is where we are. we just got married yesterday, now we are miles away from home! This is our honeymoon! This is the most time I have gotten to spend with Dan since I've known him.....with the commotion of the wedding and all of the people that surrounded us yesterday it's so wonderful to know we are able to grasp each others hands and look out to sea for miles. We are able to gaze down the shoreline forever and there isn't a soul in sight except the two of ours. I am so in love with this man who is now my husband. How exciting! Three years ago we went to Maui on our honeymoon. I was nervous and lonely for my family.....Being with Dan seemed new and strange but as time has gone on I now look back at that trip tp Maui and wish that everyday we were back under the sunset together laughing together, whispering sweet words to eachother and investing in time together alone. Now it's different because we must rush out the door to work and other places. (He's a police officer and I work for the social service.) Maui is an unforgettable experience and one day we will stand near the seaside, as the birds soar above our heads and gently kiss eachother again.

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