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Love Stories of Hawaii


Unfolding Love in God's Timing
Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ

Submitted by Alexander

Hawaii Unfolding Love in God's Timing

The story of our coming together as friends and lovers proves to be a 
true testimony of God's existence, grace, and love. In June 2004 we had met at Xtreme a GenX ministry affiliated with New Hope. Our friendship instantly blossomed. Upon surrendering our desires to find love we commited to a season of singleness. Ironicallly we went through Joshua Harris's "I kissed Dating Goodbye" together. She even gave me a Covenant Marriage Certificate addressing it "For you and your future bride". Our friendship was taken to an unexpected yet Godly place. Led by lots of prayer I decided to take a chance and express my interest to her. To my surprise, she shared the same feelings. we both knew we wanted to begin courting with the mutual desire of marriage. Our intentions were made clear from the beginning and we placed our realtionship in the hands of our heavenly father. Our adventures of Christian courtship was in full bloom.

The next five months, our love and respect for each other grew as our 
lives began to merge more and more together. We committed ourselves to 
making the best use of our time together. Our season included: church functions, sharing devotions, going through books together, fellowship within the community, date nights and time spent with family. We grew a deep appreciation for each other but like any other couple, we were tested along the way. With the Lord at our center we resolved our conflicts bibilically. At this point, we had become so fond of each other that we could transcend the simplest of tasks such as running out to Wal-Mart into the most enjoyable experience.

Time only confirmed the Lord's peace.. we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. In March 2005, I had asked Nicole's father for his daugther's hand in marriage and received his full blessing. The very next day, I had planned my surprise proposal by taking her to friends place before our dinner date. There I had set up a room full of candles, satin sheets, and rose petals similar to the "final rose ceremony" in the tv series "the bachelor". I made the excuse that I had left my journal at a friend's place and needed to pick it up. With rain pouring down she was quite hesitant to run in with me. I finaly convinced her to come in and "say hi". Needless to say I put her in a state of shock. On one knee I played some guitar and sang the song "True". I presented her with "the final rose" and proceeded to read Jeremiah 29:11 our favorite scripture. With the ring fastened to the bible by a blue ribbon I asked Nicole to marry me. I'm not sure if she said yes but she took the ring, and I haven't received eye contact from her ever since (just checking if you're reading this baby, hee hee)...Nah! she said "yes....."

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