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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

A story of tears and regret
Dedicated to My Everlasting High School Love

Submitted by Chandni

Lessons of love..
- Love is a gift from God, never refuse to take it

Throughout the life time we meet thousands of people that we don't even think of right now, or maybe we forgot about them a long time ago. But often in our lives, we meet some "sweet and special" person that makes us think, am I so special? Often times we don't realize how much a person means to us in life. It's the so called "GOD'S PLAN" that make us in contact with certain people, which changes our life forever. This story took place in Seminar D of St. Augustine. Small but cute, this room was a place that gave me sweet memories in life. One of those sweet memories was when I met this sweet and special person. Me and this person started off as friends and then that's when we started to get a little closer. We didn't realize that we liked each other until the end of the semester. That's when things started. We would spend a lot of time together as friends, making fun of each other never realizing what was going on between us.

As the day passed, We felt so close to each other .There was something between us that made us feel so close to each other but never found out "what". In my other classes I was really shy to talk to anyone. But this person made me feel so comfortable that I never thought him as a stranger. I guess there were many things that we both wanted to say, many things we wanted to prove, but never got a chance to confess. Those months passed away so fast that whenever I look back, I find both of us into a tangled relationship.12 November, 2004. I still remember the day. I Was crossing the hallway when I saw this person just walking away from me and not even looking at me!. "This can't be I said to myself!" I then looked back, to make sure. From the corner of his eyes, he looked back at me with this silly smile of getting caught! This was the first time I realized that this person has footsteps in my life that I can't ever forget.

The Christmas time was coming. Everyone, had plans for going out with their Special mates and celebrate. I felt lonely and depressed. Those days "secret Santa's" were being sold out. I somehow wanted to make sure I should send him candies at any cost. But then there was a chance that he might not want to be with me. This thought never made me feel comfortable about our relationship.

Then came the dress down day. I saw him everyday in the hallways and always wanted to say so many things. But you know I wasn't too sure about "rules of love." I knew it will be too late if I tell him next year. I really wanted to confess. But whenever I would want to, I would go blank and don't know what to do. As a matter of fact, my parents were surprised to see how early I would get up to go to school. Which was actually a reason to see my special person at 8 in the morning.

I even tried saying it once. We both saw each other in the library. Said hi, and started talking . I said to him that this is really important The words I'm going to tell him. Somehow I was just stuck at I…. EW.. I and that was it! I guess he knew what I wanted to say, he had an idea. I was really upset that why is this that I cant even say these three magical words! I could never get it!

We both accidentally met in the hallways. This time, we were having those silly talks. After 30 minutes of staring at each other, he finally decided to say something. At this time, I realize that this "Sweet and Special" person likes me too. This was the time I had my sweet proposal ever. At that time, I had no answer except tears rolling down my cheek. There were many different things we had to think about at that time. Such as different cultures and traditions. "I'll think about it." I said to him, leaving him clueless, as he knew I like him too! It was hard for both of us to make this critical decision. Many things were going on in my life that even made my decision WORSE. I loved him from the bottom of my heart, knowing I can't live without him. By thinking about it a million times, I finally made a decision, that I'm regretting by now.

I wanted to share this story with you because I don't want anyone to make the same mistake that I did. Your probably wondering who this ‘sweet and special' person is. Well, this person is ……. GAVIN!

I hope you understand what you really mean to me and I hope that we can make it work again...snob snob.. Gavin, i really care for you and i really love you. plz take me back in your arms once again. I HOPE TO MEET YOU ONCE IN THE OCEANS OF HAWAII

lov ya

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