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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

"Tell me the story, Daddy"
Dedicated to My Dad, George W. Cox

Submitted by Susie

Hawaii is magical. Just ask the family that was walking along the beautiful sandy beach. A mother and father trying to hold on to an excited child. "Tell me the story, daddy. Tell me the story." The father smiled and knew that the child could not wait till they got closer to the spot. As he started the story they kept walking.

"I was walking on this same beach eight years ago today. I was sad and lonely. I was looking for something in my life, but I did not know what it could be. I seemed to have everything anyone could ask for, a great job, friends and family, but something was missing. All of a sudden I knew what it was. Not far down the beach I saw an angel. She was so beautiful. When I got closer, she smiled. I knew I would not be sad and lonely ever again. So every year on this special day, we come back to this magical beach in Hawaii to celebrate where I found my angel."

When they came to the exact spot, the father turned and the angel smiled at him.

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