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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Fate Does Exist
Dedicated to The love of my life....

Submitted by Jeammy

Among the lessons I learned as a child, love was never on the curriculum. Everyone automatically assumes that you should know how to love, when to love and who to love, but what if you don't. My divorce came to an abrupt end at the early age of twenty four. Loneliness swarmed my life and slowly overpowered me. I honestly believed my only opportunity for love expired, ceased, ended. How many more chances can you count on for love to knock on your door again? My best friend convinced me to take a trip to Hawaii with her and visit an old friend who was stationed there. I always wanted to go to Hawaii but wasn't feeling up for the trip. Surely I was persuaded and off I went to the Big Island. It was spectacular, beautiful, and oh so romantic. I wished I had someone special to share it with, someone I could hold in my arms and call my own. My loneliness and sorrow were at its peak when I spotted Sebastian staring as he walked across the beach. He smiled and waved. I responded with a shy smile of my own which gave him the courage to introduce himself. We spoke until the sun set, and exchanged numbers to meet up for dinner. It was the most romantic night of my life. I fell in love with the man of my dreams. Could this be true? Did I have another chance left? It was destined to be. Sebastian also went through a break up with his fiancée. He had not dated anyone since and was ready for another try with someone new. To our delight we only lived thirty minutes away from each other back home. I was thrilled, anxious, and most of all very happy that I met Sebastian at the perfect time in the most romantic place in the world, Hawaii. Our love blossomed from that night on and we are now engaged and wish to be married in the same beach we met two years ago.

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