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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

New found Love in Hawaii
Dedicated to Everyone Looking For Romance

Submitted by Tracy

I was in flight to Hawaii as I suddenly dozed off into a wonderful dream of my vacation here. I dreamed of finding a perfect mate. As we landed at the airport, I was noticing my surroundings alot of different faces. I got a cab to my hotel and couldn't wait to get changed in my swimsuit and go down to the beach. As I neared the beach I made eye contact with a tall, dark and handsome man. As I became closer to him our eyes continued to stay focused on each other.

I introduced myself and he asked if I minded if he walked along the beach with me. I said yes. We talked for a long time and discovered we had so much in common. We walked hand in hand through the warm sand listening to the waves break as they came into shore.A warm gentle breeze was blowing. We didn't notice anyone else on the beach, we were lost in each other. The seagulls were flying above. The sun was begining to set and the moon was reflecting off the water. He turned to me and asked if he could take me to dinner, I looked in his brown eyes and could see the reflection of the moon in them. he gently kissed my soft lips and wrapped his arms around me. I got a cold chill and i knew this could go on forever. We met for dinner and this was the begining of a wonderful summer romance in Hawaii.

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