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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Rainy Monday
Dedicated to Dennis Wilfong

Submitted by Susie

It was one of the worst days of the year. Monday started out bad and continued to get worse. The alarm did not go off. I burned the toast. My favorite blouse had a stain on it. I could not find the shoes that went with the only other outfit that I had to wear. It had been raining for 3 days. my car would not start and all I wanted to do was crawl back under the covers and wait for Tuesday. There were no seats on the bus so I had to stand. At work it was one mishap after another. Five o'clock finally came and I rushed for the bus. It had finally stopped raining. As I got the mail from the mailbox, I found a brochure asking the me visit "Hawaii-the land of your dreams". All the way up the walk I read the brochure. The sun came out and was shining. I walked into the kitchen and stuck the brochure on the refrigerator.

Now maybe I can make it to Friday.

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