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Love Stories of Hawaii


My One True Love
Dedicated to Robert Dixon

Submitted by Roberta

My Husband and I met in October 1972 while attending college. He asked me out three times before I accepted…began dating late November 1972. Our love developed quickly, we were engaged New Years Eve 1972, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage (tradition).

We married August 31, 1974, we wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon but couldn't afford it…a dream began.

Our marriage grew; we wanted success, not to become a statistic. In April 1979 we became parents, blessed with our son. Like all married couples we have had our ups and downs "life"… Hawaii remained a dream

My husband had a heart attack and bypass surgery in 1993. His health became priority Hawaii took another backseat still a dream. In January 2003 I was looking on the web…I was drawn almost possessed that some reason we needed to go Hawaii, I convinced him we needed to go, so I booked the trip and we spent the week of his birthday Maui. Our trip was a dream come true, during our stay we made a pack…return for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Then while bike riding in July 2003 my husband had another heart episode, which required another bypass surgery. While he was in surgery I found myself remembering our trip (helped me get through the wait); I promised myself that we would return to Hawaii for our 30th Wedding Anniversary realizing that life's too short.

We made it back to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We had a great trip, swimming, snorkeling, enjoying each other, and everyone we made contact with. We made life long memories, adding on to our love story. I still catch myself smiling while thinking about our Hawaiian Holiday. Sometimes he calls me at work and saying he was thinking about our trip…coincidentally I am too. Hawaii has become our favorite place on earth…it encourages life, love and laughter.

I wrote this poem a few years back for him on Valentine's Day. Who knew that the wishes of an eight-year-old girl would come true…dreams and wishes can come true, life has shown us.


I prayed for you when I was eight
In my prayers I prayed for

a man to love me
a man to respect me
a man to cherish me
a man to honor me
a man to accepted me for myself
a man to hold me above all others
a man who understood I needed to grow
a man that would grow with me

In return I promised that I would

love the man
respect the man
cherish the man
honor the man
accepted the man for himself
hold the man above all others
understand the mans need to grow
I would grow with the man

Robert I thank God and you for being that man
may our blessing last and grow with each new day


My Love Always,


Roberta T. Dixon

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