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Love Stories of Hawaii


Our Prince Has Come
Dedicated to Darrin Dishong

Submitted by Future

My daughter and I have always done well and have been very happy. Her happiness was always my main concern, and being a single mother I had resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to be married and her happiness was my happiness. I met a wonderful man almost 5 years ago. He changed my out look and our lives forever.

I went away to the Dominican Republic with my girlfriend for a long girls weekend. Darrin dropped us at the airport, and he told my daughter it was time to pick out the perfect ring, and they went together to buy it. When Darrin picked me up from the airport, he said, "Remember all the times you asked if we were going to be together forever?" Then he went down on one knee and asked "Will you marry me.." My friend was witness to it all, and I of course said, "Yes!!" Darrin recorded the whole proposal on his ipod for his podcast, and posted it the next day for all of his listeners to hear.

He is marrying my daughter and me, and we both excepted his proposal. We are going to be a very happy family! Darrin and I want to start our life together on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Just like a dream that he has been to me, I want to have that memory for a lifetime!

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