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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

25 Years Later
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Sandra

I joined the Army in 1979, with plans of not marrying until I was about 35. I was stationed in Germany.Well, one day while eating at a cafe, there was this extremely good looking man sitting at the table with a group of my friends. I was instantly attracted to him. Then this man put ketchup on over easy eggs, I thought I was going to get sick at my stomach. That kind of did away with some of the attraction. Later that day I went to this club where my friends and I would hang out. Guess who was there? Yep, it was that same good looking guy. I found out his name was Sonny. He was playing pinball and I went up and stood beside him. He started winning and he told me that I was his good look charm. Well, my independent streak kicked in, I wagered him that I could beat him at pinball. The wager was that whoever lost had to buy the other one supper. I lost. When I went to pay for our supper, he was a gentleman and would not let me pay. To make a long story short, my plans to not marry until I was 35 never came to pass. Shortly after meeting Sonny we were married in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was very romantic. We have been married for almost 25 years. We have 5 beautiful children. We had always said that we would go to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary, but my husband became injured in the military, so we are not able to affford it now. Hawaii just seems like a wonderful, romantic place. But, one day when the time and finances are right we will have our dream, because I am a fighter and never give up for what I dream about.

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