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Love Stories of Hawaii


I wish
Dedicated to 1st Sgt Kevin Conboy in Iraq

Submitted by Angela

May 12, 2005
To My Husband in Iraq:
Dear Kevin:
Do you know that I love you? That you make me smile and that the world is not complete without you? I miss you.
I bet you are covered in dirt and have a scruffy beard on your face, and your eyes are puffy from lack of sleep.
I wish I could be there to wash your face and kiss your eyes, and hold you.I wish I could tuck you in and let you rest next to me.If you close your eyes, I am there.Right now, with you.
When you see our star in the desert haze, I am there with you. When you feel a soft breeze brush against your cheek, I am there.
I love you Kevin. I love you, I love you, I love you.I know you feel it.Its the same feeling you give me. The one that makes me get a lump in my throat, and makes my heart feel weak inside.Its the feeling that makes me so excited thinking about the day you come home again.,and when you do, I know you will keep your promise and marry me again in Hawaii.
I love you.

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