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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

For My Mother In law
Dedicated to Marlene Williams

Submitted by Kathy

My mother in law loves Hawaii her and her boyfriend came to Hawaii for A beautiful vacation on the island of Maui they had come there 4 times This was a place for them to get away for a while together they love Hawaii and she would give anything to go back...But she got cancer last year and she will not beable to make the trip.This just breaks her heart she has had treatment and surgery but the cancer has spread to her bones and other parts of her body she has lost movement in her right leg so she can not walk. it started out as Breast cancer and then spread.I know in my heart that if there were anyway she could go to Maui just one more time this would be her very speacial Occasion. if there was a way for Myself and My husband to get there and bring back a memory for her that would be a very special occasion for us all.This is a very special Person to me and she would give the world to her family if she could so i would love to spend time on her favorite island in Hawaii and enjoy all the memories of maui for her.

We love you Mom and we pray that God will heal you and you will get to have this special occasion in Hawaii with Roger 1 more time

love you


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