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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

10th Anniversary
Dedicated to Areatha Bridges

Submitted by Anonymous

I am a 32 year old man. I met my wife when I was 18 years old and she was 22. I was a party animal and she was a bit of a social butterfly herself. We met at a staff party at my brothers house. My brother and I both worked at the same place and my brothers girlfriend's friend was to be my wife of the future. She was a mother from a previous relationship and I immediately fell in love with both her and my soon to be new son. I lived a very rough life that was surrounded by drug abuse and alcoholism and she was also raised in the same type of environment. We went steady for about a year and then we decided it was time for us to move in together. It was not the best of both worlds for the first little while. With me an addict and my wife was very headstrong we fought alot. God has brought us both very far. I have been freed from drugs and alcohol and my wife has learned to bend a little,actually with me alot. We have never been to Hawaii but it has always been one of our dream destinations. We never made enough money for a real honeymoon when we first got married 10 years ago this year,Aug.14 to be exact.We are happy parents now of 5 children and pretty much everything we do is with them. My wife is a never ending example of selflessness that I admire and am very thankful for. She always puts herself last and never thinks twice about it. She has been wanting to do something special for our tenth anniversary as soon as we got married. I would so love to surprise her with a vacation for 2 to beautiful Hawaii. Not only because she is so selfless but also because I love her more than I could ever afford to show on my own without a little help. Also today is May.2/05 and we just buried her father. She was the baby girl and was very close to her father and to me it would be just so nice to be able to ease her pain with something as special as a trip to Hawaii considering how selfless and sacrificing she is. So whether you pick us or not for the trip just use our story as an inspiration for your own lives.Whenever you feel everything is mundane or humdrum just remember the 2 Canadians whose love story is still playing itself out and would love to include a piece of Hawaii.

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