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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Dedicated to Rick

Submitted by Anonymous

It was a stupid looking plant really. We called it Fred. We put orange Halloween lights on it to dress up the office a bit. I sighed. Here I am at age 31, a part-time secretary decorating a plant as if anyone else would see it. Only the occasional salesman dropped by, and they never pay attention to me.

"Fred reminds me of a palm tree" I said to Samantha. " God I want to go to Hawaii someday."

"Hey Shannon," Paul called to me, " I'm expecting a visitor this morning. A machinist. He's going to come by and check out our facility. Let me know when he's here." "Okay" I said, not really paying attention.

" Excuse me," said the voice. I was deep into my paperwork and didn't even notice the door open. I looked up and saw a man, about mid-40's, very handsome. Ruggedly handsome, but a softness in his mannerism. "Can I help you?" I replied.

"I'm here to see Paul"

"Oh yes, I'll get him, would you like me to hang your coat?"

And there he was, the man of my dreams,the man I would marry, wearing a Hawaiin style shirt, and smiling at me.

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