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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Hero
Dedicated to My loving husband

Submitted by Anonymous

The turn of this century has been one full of misfortune for my husband. In September 2001 he was one of the many National Guards called to participate in the cleanup at Ground Zero,at the World Trade Center where he lost several friends. As you know this was very devastating to all especially New Yorkers. Then in November 2001, he lost his mother due to death. Now my husband is one of the USA Army Reserves serving in Iraq in support of "Iraqi Freedom". We have been married for 10 years. We got married in City Hall and never had a wedding, reception, or honeymoon. My husband is schedule for military leave on May 2, 2005 for 15 days and I thought that a real vacation would be nice. We have never been anywhere where we couldn't drive to. Hawaii is known as the most romantic and relaxing place to visit and many people go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. We have never been able to afford a honeymmon, especially one in Hawaii, but I would really like to give my husband a beautiful vacation/honeymoon. If he can fight in this "no sense" war, surely he could experience paradise in Hawaii- America's glory.

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