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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Inspired by Hawaii
Dedicated to Matthew Anderson

Submitted by Anonymous

I met my fiancÚ, Matt, a week after he had returned from a friend's wedding in Lahaina, Maui. I had just moved to Los Angeles and didn't know many people. I was not interested in dating anyone as I was already growing weary of the party scene and people's flippant attitude toward monogamy and dating. Matt had been enjoying his LA lifestyle and up until the wedding, had no intention of settling down with anyone. He was young and having fun and the thought of being in a committed relationship didn't really cross his mind, until he experienced what he will describe to you as one of the most romantic and loving events of his life--the wedding of two of his closest friends. He'll never know for sure if it was seeing the beautiful bond between his two friends from a new perspective, the generous way they shared a week-long experience with their closest family and friends, or just the hypnotic atmosphere of the islands that affected him so strongly but he came back from Hawaii feeling like something significant was missing in his own life and he was finally open to finding that "special someone" with whom he could share everything.

I would like to think that the manner in which we met was truly fate, and while I firmly believe that we were meant to be together, I have to admit that our initial meeting was more of a lucky fluke. Interestingly, mutual friends had intended to set us up at one time (unbeknownst to either of us), although this "blind date" never took place. It would be weeks later that by sheer coincidence we would randomly meet in a bar, of all places. As soon as I walked in, our eyes met. As if he'd been waiting for me the whole time, he made his way over to me from across the bar where he had been sitting with friends and we've been inseparable ever since.

I really can't say for sure if Matt would have felt so strongly about entering into a relationship with me at that time in his life had he not just returned from Hawaii still euphoric from his whole experience. Even two and a half years later, he still looks back so fondly on that time he spent in Maui with his friends during their most special moment and his only regret is that he hadn't known me before so that we could have both been there to experience it as a couple. Now, he can't wait for our moment when we will be there together in the warm sun, on the sandy beaches, wearing wedding leis and exchanging vows of our very own. And I can't imagine any other place I'd rather commit my life to the man I love than in beautiful and romantic Hawaii, where the idea of even being with me was first born in his mind.

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