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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Take my Man to Hawaii
Dedicated to My Hubby Ray

Submitted by Jacqueline

I want to take my beautiful husband to Hawaii for our anniversary. We meet 5 years ago in Las Vegas. I had been in Vegas for a total of three hour and walked out to the pool. As I walked out the door of the Tropicana I saw the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. We began to talk and spent 4 wonderful days together inseparable, ending in the last day of meeting his mother(who he told he had meet the girl he would marry) and us telling each other we loved each other(even though we knew as soon as we meet) After bawling my eyes out as I had to leave him, he put a ring of his on my hand and said that would have to do until he could get a real one. I almost got of the plane to stay with him but I flew home to WV where I talked to him for two weeks, drove to Pittsburgh to spend 10 days with him and his family. Waited three weeks and then drove to Las vegas by myself to be with him and have been ever since. We were absolutley love at first site and still are madly in love 5 years later. He is the most wonderful husband a girl could have. He respects me, loves me and is just plain gorgeous!! I am the luckiest girl in the world, when I say I hit big in Vegas boy did I ever. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up and neither one of us have ever been. I would love to take my husband on a vacation of a lifetime to Hawaii,to spend a wondeful romantic time together, to thank him for all he has done in my life, trust me when I say, Ive never met a man that would deserve it more. He's the most loving, kind hearted man I know. And I would love to see that gorgeous tan body laying on the beautiful Hawaiian beaches beside me! Make my dreams come true!!

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