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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Longing For Love
Dedicated to Nobody in particular

Submitted by Christy

A beautiful spring morning Ambrosia sits by the Nihao(MOKUMANA)Island in Hawaii longing for her true love. Why me? She sobs, as she sits all alone. Is there anyone out there for me? She looks all around her and all she see's is love everywhere. People walking hand in hand, Kissing one another, Laughing amongst themseves and having fun. She stood up to take a small stroll as she noticed a sign near the water of the Nihao (MOKUMANA) Island. The sign read

"Romance wishes granted, Say these 4 words,Friendship, Lovers, & Eternity forever, Then throw in a flower from your lei and be blessed with love" Ambrosia couldn't pass up a chance for love so she holds one hand on her heart, closes her eyes and begins to chant the words., "Friendship, Lovers, Eternity forever" Then she throws a flower from her lei. Well!, She says, We'll see if this works. Ambrosia walked back home and went to bed for the night. That night as she was sound asleep she began to dream. She dreamt about a very tall handsome guy named Dylan.,In her dream her and Dylan were very happy together and so much in love. Ambrosia did'nt want to wake up. Morning came and she couldn't keep from thinking about the dream she had. To find such a guy, she exclaimed would be so perfect, perhaps to perfect for the likes of me. As the day went on Ambrosia went back down to relax at her normal everyday place the Nihao(MOKUMNA) Island. To her surprise there was a tall handsome man standing there awaiting her prescence. He looked just like the guy she had dreamt about. She couldn't beleive her eyes as she got closer, Her legs becoming shakier with every step closer she became. He slowly walked up to her. Ambrosia, My sweet Ambrosia He said softly to her. How I have longed for you. I have finally found you sweet Ambrosia. She could not believe this as she began to cry from pure happiness. Dylan? She questioned, Could this be the exact guy in her dream?. Yes he said, Her heart started pounding as they kissed one another for the very first time. Her wish had come true. Ambrosia and Dylan lived very much in love happily ever after.

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