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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Gardenia Room-Surprise Proposal
Dedicated to My loving fiance

Submitted by Kristin

My fiance and I met in college doing martial arts. We hadn't spoken to one another but, we had been looking when the other wasn't noticing. We were finally got to know one another when we had to fight each other. I remember seeing his ankles soaring above his head as I threw him to the ground! After that ice-breaker we became fast friends. I didn't think he liked me and he thought I didn't like him, so we didn't get together for two years.

My family didn't like the idea---he is chinese and I am italian. Still, despite their discouragement we went on dating.

When he graduated and got a job he wanted me to come down to alabama. I prayed and prayed wondering what to do. This man was the love of my life. Never had I felt so on fire for anyone---he was my best friend and more. This man was a training partner, a study partner--someone who loved me so much he would go out of his way to spend time with me. If I couldn't sleep, he would get up with me (even when he had to up at 6:00am the next morning.) If I needed food because I didn't have money he would feed me. He'd look in my pantry and say, "let's go get you some food" or "how would you like dinner and grocery shopping?" I found myself deeply in love with him.

So, after I graduated college I went to alabama because if I didn't I would kick myself and wonder what would have happened if I didn't. We were just boyfriend and girlfriend at the time. Soon, things began to change. Parents and friends began to ask us when it would happen. (We had been dating two years and a few months.)

Christmas came and went and I was wondering if he would ever propose. I had shown him a ring I loved during the holiday season and was dissapointed when it wasn't a holiday present. I had given up and deicded I would spend the rest of my life with him either way. We had gone to the local mall and he told me he had to go answer the call of nature. I had no idea he dropped by to pick up the ring! He stuck it in his pocket and took me for a nice dinner. We went as ourselves in our normal clothes, laughing the whole night away.

We returned to my apartment late that night. I mentioned how lucky I was to have him. My grandma had fallen ill and I was to go see her that weekend. I bought some gardenias--her favorite---and they had filled the room with their lovely scent. Soft light from my lamp set a perfect romantic mood and I told him right then that I couldn't imagine life without him. He looked me deep in my eyes and told me that he felt the same, but that some things had to change. He slid off the bed onto both knees and out of no where took out a pretty silver box. Inside was the ring I wanted my size and everything. With his beautiful brown eyes sparkling he said, "Will you marry me?"

Of course I said yes and we are now planning a wedding. It has been my dream to go to hawaii for my honeymoon since I was little so he is trying to take me there. My grandma has been sick, so he has asked me not to get a job for now so that I can deal with the fact that she is ill and so I can go see her anytime I want. It is more than I could have ever hoped for to get more time with her. He works long days just for me--he is taking me to hawaii because he knows I want to go. He gives and gives and it is all for me. He deserves so much--all I can give him right now is my love. He says to me, "your love is enough for me...", "I love you so much." I want to give him something in return.

We are paying for the wedding and he is paying for the honeymoon himself. He is saving sky miles and whatever else he can. It would be wonderful if we won this trip---this could be my gift back for everything he has done for me. I want to show him the beauty of Kauai and the other islands.

I want to give this one big thing to him....for all the little things he does for me.

With all my heart to my loving fiance---I cannot wait to marry you!


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