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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Caught up in you
Dedicated to Steve

Submitted by Anonymous

I couldn't believe my eyes - his eyes were a soft brown he had light brown hair and a smile that knocked me out. I first met Steve two years ago at a timeshare meeting in Virginia. I saw he was a little nervous as this was his first time speaking at an engarement of this size (they were selling timeshares for a new property at Lands Down.) I immediately fell for him, I am not sure if it was his shyness or little nervous laugh but when he looked at me it was as if we both knew each other for a life time and yet at the same time I felt as giddy as a school girl. Then of course the dread set in (oh my god what will I say to him?????) Luckily he was a good speaker and made the introduction easy for both of us. After the promo we got to know each other over coffee and realized we had much more in common then we originally thought. He was the yongest and from a large family as well. He enjoyed quiet walks in the woods, was from the same area and even visited some of the same places I had gone. We seemed to fill in each others thoughts without the other person even having to say a word. Well, the world being as it is he had to leave and continue his "timeshare" talks. I figured I would never see him again...

I decided to take a vactation, this would be one that I would never forget. I spent months saving enought money for the trip. My dauhgter was turning 16 and I thought it would be an incredible bonding experience for us to take a trip to Hawaii. We got to Maui and found the Island more stunning than we ever could have imagined. We were clearly in heaven. I signed us up for an array of adventures from Kayaking and snorkeling Molikini to deep sea fishing and parasailing. It was July 4th and I was to meet with the group who had given us a tremendous break on our activilties, so off I went to the timeshare talk. My knees buckled , my heart stopped and I couldn't breath. Much to my surprise Steve was the one giving the talk!!!! Our eyes met and that was all it took! He stopped what he was doing and came over to me and gave me the most incredible hug I ever had! I felt like I was finally home! My daughter Jenny was there to hold the bouquet - we got married the very next day. Fate had led me to my one true love.

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