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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

It had to be fate... or luck?
Dedicated to My Don

Submitted by Mary

It was St. Patrick's Day, 2001. I was at college for an orientation of an incoming group of students, and so was Don. We were both studying with the same professor, who, by chance, invited us to attend this orientation. When I first saw him, I realized that I had seen him before, the prior December, at his "final" class presentation. I thought to myself, "he is a handsome man - and very interesting," however, I did not have the opportunity to speak with him... until St. Patrick's Day.

As orientation day progressed, we made eye contact a few times. It wasn't until after lunch that I approached him and asked him to explain his current studies, as he had gone on to the Masters Program. I was just completing my Bachelors Degree. He said that he would be happy to give me a campus tour or provide me with any information I needed to get closer to a decision regarding furthering my education. I asked for his phone number, and we went our separate ways.

Later that day, as it turns out, we both had contacted our professor via email and asked her opinion about each other! She encouraged us to get together for coffee, which we did. This wasn't any normal coffee date - we had coffee for four hours! We then talked on the phone, went to dinner, and I guess you could say it was love at first sight. We are happily together now, four years later.

We are planning a trip to Hawaii next spring, as Don has never been to the magical islands. He is a warm weather person, and is anxious to see the sights and take in Pearl Harbor and other island treasures. I am very excited to tour the islands with him and savor all the islands have to offer. We are planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the islands along with the fifth anniversary of our meeting. We know thiat this will be yet one more milestone in the discovery of our souls. It had to be fate... or luck...

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