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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

oops! Got Caught.
Dedicated to My wife.

Submitted by Anonymous

Back in the "free/drinking/aimless dating days", I was on my saturday night hunt for a good time, that meaning going out with the guys, sweet talk the hot ladies and getting drunk. My friends and I decided to go clubbing. The night began with a very short line at the club, after all who goes clubbing these days!, and when we finally got in the club, i approached the bar tender and ordered a round of vodkas tonics. Now set the in the mood, i went to the dance floor, and started dancing with a random girl, who seemed more than happy to have me around, but suddenly, this guy next to me points me to a very cute, tall, shy girl, and says , " why don you dance with her?".. as i saw her smiling face, i approched her and we starting dancing, shy and nervous both us, I said.. my name is Mike from Hawaii, and she said, my name is Jessica from Haiti,... when she asked me how was Hawaii, and I HAiti.. we laughed knowing that we both were lying about it.. and just kiss.. 6 months after, I find myself married with this Hawaiian beauty.

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