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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Mere Contact
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Lorrae

For the last 3 years I have been living as a single, sassy, yet satisfied woman. Even though I am at a pleasingly content point in my life, there is this rapid-forming image that seems to continuously dominate my mind. The more I let my carnal imagination cruise in this arena of thought, the more I desire this sweet fantasy to come true.

In he enters—tall, dark, and unbelievably handsome. There is the out-of-doors aroma of a hard days work lingering on him, but not far underneath is the durable fragrance of the delicious but masculine cologne that was administered at the break of dawn in Hawaii. He saunters over with just a hint of a smile with his eyes glimmering with a peek of what is to come. He intentionally zooms in on the focal point and hits his target.

She patiently waits to receive her overdue reward. Her swollen anticipation seems breathtakingly submerged in the beautiful stallion that is deliberately making his way toward her. She relaxes her firm yet stimulated body as she prepares for the gift. She shifts her weight, so the mental anguish she is feeling does not become transparent. The attractive centerpiece comes alive and the long awaited convergence takes place.

Almost as if it were human and apart from her, it comes alive at the indication of attention and begins to prepare itself for takeoff. It's turning a crimson blush as it awaits the treasure. Its' inflamed cells has the body temperature of an all time thermometer-breaking high. It almost seems to have its' own individual pulse. The alert and brisk flesh is teetering with expectation. At last it blissfully receives the anticipated contribution and relaxes back to its natural state.

It is voluptuous and kinky, as it comes forth. It is long delayed. In its disappointing lateness, it reveals the ultimate pleasure. The distraction of time has kept her rubbing it continuously throughout the day, trying to keep it amused until the moment of satisfaction takes place. The thought of a woman going 3 years without her special man planting a sweet sensuous kiss on her cheek saddens me.

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