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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

What A Colorful time!
Dedicated to Mom

Submitted by Anonymous

Some time ago, My son was in an accident and lost both legs. We went through some trying times after but we adjusted. At the time my son was 10 years old.

We had heard so much about Hawaii. By chance my mate at the time gave a trip there and we traveled there.

We traveled with a group and the whole experience was like a fairytale. The water was unlike any blue you have seen. The people were

extremely friendly, courteous, more than willing to help, and quite informative. That was in 1986.

My son, who by that time was thirteen explored the area the first day and found all the good eateries and hot spots in a few hours.

In addition, that was his first experience swimming in the ocean (late at night) since the accident.

We totally enjoyed Hawaii and to date, I have traveled back (2) more times with my daughter and her Dad.

A truly colorful experience!

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