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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Blue Eyed Man
Dedicated to My fiancee

Submitted by Anonymous

Purple, and pink and a small tint of orange was the sky when I first saw him.

Standing there on the beach with his blue eyes like the ocean that was stirring around us.

He stood there staring at me like he had just seen a rare animal run by.

I felt like the ocean was in my stomach for it kept stirring inside of me this feeling I couldnt think of at first.

Walking towards me he grabbed my hand in his and held it tight as if saying he would never let it go.

He leaned over and kissed me with so much passion that even the passion fruit in Hawaii would blush for me.

I was in love, the exotic birds on this magical island begun chirpping as if there were wedding bells all around us.

I knew Hawaii was a place of romance, but I never imagined I would meet my soul mate in a remote romantic place like Hawaii

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