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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

"Worth the Wait"
Dedicated to My Best Friend, My Husband

Submitted by Mrs

It was a feeling that I had never experienced before.And one I will never ever forget.Here we were,standing at the edge of the water.The warm sun melting my winter blues away.As I stood there with the blue Hawaiian water lapping at our feet, a tear trickled down my cheeck as I gazed into my husbands eyes.No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't stop smiling.We kept saying things like "We made it" or "pinch me I'm dreaming". Here we are standing in paradise!!!

It had been along time coming.My husband and I met when we were just 17 years old.Although we didn't have a tradtional courtship, we were very much in love.We married at the tender age of 19.We had a very small wedding and our honeymoon was spent in a dingy motel about 30 miles away.We needed my Mom to babysit our 6 week old daughter in order to go on our honeymoon.We were gone for only 2 days because we missed her so much.My husband promised me that he would give me the honeymoon of my dreams when he could.And being true to his word he did.

So for our 20th. anniversary he flew me to Hawaii.We started planning our trip 3 years ago.My husband asked if I could go anywhere in the world, anywhere, were would I want to spend my 20th. anniversary.I didn't even have to think about it I blurted out "Hawaii" and my husband said Hawaii it is.We put $25. a week in savings for 3 years and never touched it.Good thing we did, because our daughter is now in college and our son started driving so we live pay check to pay check.

We had the GREATEST anniversary EVER !!! People kept asking if we were here for our honeymoon.We always replied," yes,we just waited 20 years to have a honeymoon".We went scuba diving,rode in a helicopter,horseback riding,saw Pearl Harbor,walked up Diamond Head,rode in a submarine, went to a Luau,rode a surf board,snorkeled every day,rented a car to see the North Shore,and went on a dinner cruise. We did it all.We thoroughly enjoyed every activity that we did.And now we would love to come back with our children to visit Hawaii again.

Hawaii is truly a paradise.If I had but 1 wish, it would be for everyone to visit Hawaii at least once in their lifetime.The last 20 years have silently sliped away and every year I have grown deeper in love with the man I married.This was a trip that was truly worth the wait!!!!

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