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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

30 Yuears Later
Dedicated to My one and only, Freddie

Submitted by Mary

September 28, 1974, our wedding day. It was a wonderful day with 300 of our friends and relatives there. The receiption was fun and memorable, and what comes after the wedding reception, but the honeymoon. We were both just 18 years old and we did not plan a honeymoon, we didn't know how to so we went to a hotel near Disneyland and spent the weekend there. Being just 18 we really didn't care where we went. We have 6 children now and they are all grown up. It was time to take that long awaited, overdue honeymoon. So we decided to go to Hawaii. We went to the island of Oahu and spent the most incredible, sensational week there. We drove around the beautiful island, ate at the Shrimp Shack, went to a luau, toured the Macadamia nut plantation and spent time with a real Samoan cheif. He was so funny. We went to the beach everyday. I wore a bikini! We also went snorkling and saw such beautiful fish just swimming around. The beach is the best thing about Hawaii. It is so clean and the water so clear and warm. We wathced the sun set while still having fun in the water. The weather was always wonderfully warm from the time we got up til the time we went to bed even though it would rain a bit but that just brought out the most beautiful rainbows. We walked and shopped and ate near our hotel. There was always something to see, somewhere to go, something to do. The people are so nice and friendly too always saying "mahalo".

The worst thing about Hawaii was having to leave that wonderful paradise. As we flew over the Hawaiian islands on our way home we could see how beautiful it all was and how much more there was to see and do. It was so sad that we had to leave. After 5 hours of flying back home the California shore line came into view. The water color was not the inviting aqua green. You could not see the bottom of the ocean, and you could not see the shoreline stretch for miles and miles. California's shoreline was dark and dreary and foggy and cold. My husband and I just looked at each other and said we have to go back to Hawaii someday, soon.

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