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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My sister and her solider!
Dedicated to Kenny Pruitt, and Brenda Trotter

Submitted by Tina

My big sister was married in a hurry because of the draft and the war that Kenny had to go fight, so she did not have a proper honeymoon.

She saved green stamps and placed a ad in the paper for anyone willing to help her by donating green stamps so that she could meet her beloved husband in Hawaii went he was on R & R. Being from a small town everyone heart when out to her and him and the trip was a blast, she came back with the best pictures of a pardise on earth and a truly wonderful tale to tell about the big island and the foliage, and the birds and the native people and the love she had for her solider, who got a rest from a tiresome and unfair war.

they were a beautiful couple and I wish they could of stay there forever and not have had to part ways she to the usa and he back to nam. They shared the wonderful stories of the nature and beautiful place that seemed like another world which cause me to long to visit a place such as this. I have nnot made it yet but one day when I save enough money and have the time to relax and enjoy maybe I too will see pardise on earth.

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