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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

A Hawaiian Sunrise
Dedicated to My Beloved Husband, Mark

Submitted by Catherine

"Hello, Mark. This is Catherine. I know you are at work, but I wanted to tell you something I think you will appreciate. The sun is just rising, and I am sitting on a pier made of rocks and surrounded by palm trees overlooking the turquoise ocean. The sand is glowing with the first rays of sunlight, and the sun is blazing a trail toward me as its reflection is cast upon the water. The palm trees are gently swaying with the morning breeze, and I can hear the birds singing a gentle song. I just thought you might enjoy hearing about a beautiful sunrise in Hawaii. Well, I hope you have a great day. I guess I'll see you soon. Goodbye."

I turned my cell phone off, reluctantly turning to leave the pier as I stole another glance at the rising sun and the tranquil ocean. I breathed a sigh, my heart torn in two as I took in the enchanting beauty of Hawaii. Why did it seem that its beauty only accentuated my loneliness? I made my way back to my hotel room, my feet bare in the white sand, and listened to the birds singing a song to the yellow hibiscus flowers of my love for Mark. In my heart, I dreamed of the day we would be here together.

Two weeks after the sunrise in Hawaii, I found myself seated across from the man I loved at a Starbucks. His eyes met mine as he moved his chair closer to me and said, " Catherine, over the last six months I have come to care for you so deeply. I'd like to ask you to consider dating me in order to discover if we are supposed to be married." My heart jumped as I looked back at him and told him, "I feel exactly the same way."

One year and three months later, we were married, more in love than we ever dreamed possible, and greatly anticipating out new life together. Although we were unable to travel to Hawaii for our honeymoon, my heart has dreamed of going back to watch the sun rise over a turquoise ocean with the man I love. If we are able to view a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise together, I am convinced that the beauty and enchantment of Paradise will only accentuate our love for one another. It would be my greatest dream come true to walk hand in hand along the ocean as the birds sing to my husband of my great love for him.

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