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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

She said, "YES"
Dedicated to Laura Wyas

Submitted by Andrew

He had planned this day for over a month. He wanted to make it memorable and perfect. His girlfriend was special in his life and he wanted to live the rest of his life with her. The night before this special occasion, he called her to tell her to be ready to go to the zoo. She loved going to the zoo to take pictures of the animals. He picked her up at 8 a.m. As he was driving, she noticed that he was not driving the direction to the zoo. She asked, "We're are you going?" He neverously responded, " I'm taking a short cut! " About an hour later he pulled into a national state park. Then she knew that she had been tricked! He went inside the stable and brought out two horses. He helped her mount on her horse and then he loaded his horse with a basket with water, food, and a special "blanket". After enjoying their ride for about an hour, the stopped for a rest. He took off the basket and told her to spread out the special "blanket". She opened it up and read the message on it which had "Will you marry me?" on it. As she turned with a tears in hear eyes, he was down on one knee with an engagement ring. And she said, "Yes!"

On their honeymoon which they spent in Hawaii, he would replayed this special moment with her again.

They do this everytime they go back to the Hawaiin islands because of the magical atmosphere there.

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