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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Aloha Calls
Dedicated to Paradise

Submitted by Sue

On a bitter cold Chicago morning as I trudge through the slushy streets to my job in a high rise building, I think I hear the far off sound of a conch shell. There is no magic to my life, no dancing, no joy in a office setting that is more like a jail than a building. A job that pays too little, and work that is too much leaves me hopeless and yearning for "something better". The conch shell sound gets louder. I walk through the mall and stare at the manikins-one is dressed in a colorful red and yellow sarong type dress, but it is strange, as I look at her, she begins to communicate with me somehow without words. She represents the Goddess of Fire-Pele who understands my plight and wants to help me find the "fire" in my own life, but to find truth and beauty, I must travel to the source, which is Hawaii, to find my destiny. She says nothing more, but again I hear the sound of the conch shell. My common sense tells me that my imagination must have been at fault, and I choose to do nothing, but that night I have a dream of an incredibly handsome bare chested man who takes me by the hand and we seem to flow over the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I awake to find a red hibiscus flower in my hair, and I instinctively know at that moment that I must go to the islands. When my plane lands, a leigh is placed around my shoulders, and suddenly my past life is just a blur. I run along the beach and in the distance I see the man with the conch shell. He turns to me, and I see a familiar face-my father! But, my father died when I was a child. In an instant, the image disappears, but now I know I am where I belong. Whether I have to sell cabanas on the beach, or eat coconuts to survive, Paradise is mine, and I will never leave-I promise this to myself. But wait, there is someone standing alongside of me on the beach. He is the man in my dream the other night. He smiles at me. I touch his arm, and he is Real, and if there is something known as "love at first sight" I know I will marry this man-Aloha for now and forever. Some dreams are meant to come true!

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