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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Small World
Dedicated to Brianna

Submitted by Anonymous

My 17 year old son, Ben, is a surfer. Not a great surfer, but he loves it just the same. He stopped by my office one day to announce that there was an upcoming surf contest and could we go. I laughed when he told me it was in Hawaii; we live in Florida, and I thought that was asking for a little too much. The contest was in two months and during that time Ben took every opportunity to convince me that we should go: it would be a new place to visit, he'd get to see some great surfers and do some surfing himself, and it was Hawaii, for Pete's sake. I was beginning to warm to the idea when the IRS tax refund check came in the mail. Ben knew what it was when he got it out of the mailbox and waived it in my face saying "this should help on the expenses." So we went.

I have never been to Hawaii and was amazed at the gorgeous scenery. We stayed on the beach so as to be close to the surf action. Ben was in heaven, thanking me constantly for making the trip. But after a day of watching the surfers I became a bit bored; I'm not a surfer and there's only so much I can take. The next day I wandered off hiking some of the many trails to see what was to be seen. I'd hiked a few hundred feet up into the surrounding hills when I came to a clearing which had a lagoon with a small waterfall. I rested in the shade of a tree and began to doze. I was startled by footsteps. Was I dreaming? There, coming into the clearing was a beautiful woman, dressed in khakis and hiking boots. There was no one with her and she couldn't avoid seeing me - we were the only ones there. She said hi and I froze, still a little groggy from my nap. She said "sorry to disturb you," and I said "no, I just didn't expect to see anyone out here." She had been further up the hill when she had twisted her ankle. Nothing serious, but she needed to get back to her hotel and put some ice on it. I offered to make sure she got back ok and she accepted.

Her name was Carrie and she was in Hawaii on a business trip for her job with a pharmaceutical company. She was about my age and, yes, I did find her attractive. She was also from Florida, a three hours drive from where we live. And we had both gone to the same university, FSU. We maneuvered down the hill and back to civilization. She didn't object when I offered to see her to her hotel. It was near to where I was staying and I told her I knew how to get to it. She wasn't in a lot of pain so we walked the short distance. When we got to the lobby I couldn't come up with a gentlemanly way to escort her to her room so I said it was nice to have met her. "If you're feeling better tomorrow maybe we can get together for lunch." She said yes, she'd like that. I was glad Ben had convinced me to come to Hawaii.

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