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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaiian Reverie
Dedicated to Mom

Submitted by Anonymous

My younger sister and I had each been to Hawaii at least twice when we decided to treat our Mom, a recent widow, to a trip. She was from "the old country" and although we never realized it, she still spoke with a lilting Vienna, Austria accent--even though she had been an American citizen for over 50 years.

Mom loved the trip and as a highlight, we decided to go all out at the Sheraton Black Rock Luau the night before we returned home. We had all purchased new, beautiful muu-muus and placed flowers in our hair--Mom wore a straw hat with hers stuck in the hat band.

Earlier in the day, we had been on the grounds when the pig was placed in the roasting pit and Mom had been absolutely fascinated with the procedure and had engaged in conversation with the hotel employees doing the preparations.

Later, when we returned to have cocktails and view the torchlights being lighted and the diver do his extraordinary dive from the Black Rock, some of the employees we met earlier spotted Mom and we got the "royal treatment"--something my sister and I knew was done with everyone, but which Mom thought was aimed especially at her. She luxuriated in the fragrant leis, blushed at the hugs and kisses from the tall, handsome and viral men and lovely women dressed in hula skirts, and accepted the attention with the panache of royalty as the hotel employees ushered us to front row seats. She oohed and aahed over the beautiful presentations of the food and paid close attention to the explanations of the various tropical delights placed before her. She ate with gusto although she refrained from the poi after taking a taste and modestly declined the encouragement to come forward and learn to hula. We beamed with happiness at seeing her delight. It was an unforgettable night and while my sister and I have returned several times since to the Hawaiian islands, nothing has compared to that lovely time we spent there with Mom.

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