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Love Stories of Hawaii


I Wish for...A Hawaiian Honeymoon!
Dedicated to My future husband, Matthew

Submitted by Mandalyn


Matthew and I have been dating for almost three years and it has been wonderful! Although, our journey hasn't been as easy as most might think. We met in college during Matt's senior year and my junior year. We were both put on a spring break missions trip to New York City to do homeless ministry. We came back home to Michigan and I couldn't get over Matt's giving heart and how I saw him always putting others first.

We continuted to be friends and eventually started to date. Matt was graduating soon and would head back to his home town to start a great new job and I was heading to Nashville to start my internship. Our entire first summer dating was spent talking over the phone, writing e-,mails and letters.

The next year didn't serve to be any easier for us because I still had a year left of college, worked two jobs and was trying to graduate with honors. Matt worked his full-time job at the hospital and another part-time job on nights and weekends so we were lucky to see each other once a month.

The year following I decided to move an hour away (the closest we had been so far), but I also worked three jobs and started Graduate School so moving didn't exactly help our situation.

Last summer a great opportunity came for me to move to New York City and start a great new job to advance my career. This decision was so hard, but with Matt's blessing I moved to the big city and he stayed in Michigan. Since August of 2003 we have seen each other a total of six times with one of those being the time he asked me to marry him! Finally, we would be together.

Matt is planning on moving to New York in June after our wedding and I am so excited to start our lives together. I will only see Matt three times before our big day. That's a total of eight days of seeing my future husband from now until June 4th when I can finally have him in my arms.

We've always wanted to go to Hawaii for a honeymoon and on that romantic night Matt purposed to me he took me to a local bookstore to get a vacation book on Hawaiian vacations. We looked through the book dreaming about where we could go and what we would do...and then he asked me to be his wife.

I want this trip to be a gift to Matthew. I want to present him with the most romantic trip of his life and to make those first moments we spend together to be just us, in love, on a romantic honeymoon gettaway to beatiful Hawaii where nothing else matters, but the sunset and his heart with mine.

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