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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to Kathy

Submitted by Glen

i grew up in a home with a set of parents who always wanted to go to hawaii,i as a kid never knew what could be so special about a island getaway .as time grew as well as i did i started to notice things outside of my own home town in illinois.we did vacation to the dells ,kansas ,and yes once to florida ,i always questioned as to why they never made the all important hawaii trip,they told me its when you have kids you ll totally understand,we just cant afford to ,we can barely pay the bills,to me the trip should ve taken place because my mom is now in heaven ,as was never given the chance to see heaven on earth,i now have a family of my own ,i would love to get the chance to go to the island paradise however i now know what my mom tried to get me to see and understand as a child its ok to dream,but dont try to get things and put you re family needs second,i look at it try to grab your dreams that way dreams will come true

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