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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii's Best Automobile for Free?
Dedicated to George Sunderland

Submitted by Ron

It was a day he'll always remember. He was just 16 years and one day old when his oldest brother came home that afternoon in Hawaii. He was shocked when the oldest sibling, George, offered to sell his fully restored candy-apple red with a white top 1957 Chevy Belair for just $1.00. The car was beautiful with black and white checkered seats, fuzzy dice hanging fron the mirror, and a three-speed Hurst transmission mounted on the "hump". This beauty was powered by a 283 cubic-inch engine with a four-barrel carburator. After the 8-track tape player was installed under the dash powering two 6X9 Utah speakers mounted under the rear deck, this classic vehicle became the "cat's meow". It's been 39 years since I owned my first car, but it was definitely my favorite.

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