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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

"Reunited" with Hawaii
Dedicated to My precious wife, Rhonda

Submitted by Bob

As the jet descended toward Honolulu our anticipations soared. We had dreamt of this day, no-no, we had planned for this day. Two wonderful decades of marriage and two mostly-grown-up kids deserved more than just a diamond ring, they deserved Diamond Head. My nose pressed to the window, I could now see this landmark pinnacle towering over a white sandy ribbon bordering the turquoise sea. As I squeezed my wife's hand, I felt the same excitement I had felt twenty years ago on our wedding day. We both knew we were about to experience something great, something unforgettable. And so it was.

Hawaii is a string of pearls, each island similar but nonetheless unique and precious. Like Rhonda and I, the islands have a kinship born of time and closeness. They, like we, have weathered storms, together. The hot eruptions that characterized the early island years, like the early married years, have all but ceased. What remains after the cooling off is fertile ground on which to grow and build. The paradise that results, both island and marriage, is something to celebrate.

Though I'm a "Haole" (Caucasian), I have always felt connected to Hawaii. The year that I was born into my family, 1959, Hawaii was adopted into the family we call the United States of America. Like fraternal twins, separated at birth, I anxiously longed to be united with this distant sibling. Though I was slightly apprehensive, I was not disappointed. Hawaii's familial, embracing "Aloha" is unforgettable. Her people are as warm as her sun-drenched beaches. Her relaxing pace is a spa treatment for the human soul, a therapeutic mental massage.

Rhonda and I wanted to celebrate our twenty-year milestone in no place but Hawaii. Not surprising, our "second honeymoon" was even sweeter than our first. For romance, like fine wine, gets better with time. Hawaii provides a special ambiance conducive to romance. Every morning, the waking sun greets intrepid onlookers atop the dormant volcano Haleakala and says to them, "I am here again to warm you." Every evening, the yawning sun slips into its watery azure bed while tiki torches begin their evening dance to mellow ukuleles. And in between there are rain forests and reefs to explore, waterfalls to splash under, rainbows to photograph and scalloped coastlines and beaches to meander.

Like the molten lava that dwells beneath the volcanic crust, romantic fires can emerge and flow in Hawaii. Perhaps it is the gentle tropical breeze that fans the flames of love. Or maybe it's that mainland distractions are literally and figuratively a thousand miles away. Whatever the reason, Hawaii is a place for love to flourish. I understand now why Mark Twain said "I came to Hawaii for a month and stayed four."

Mahalo (Thank you) Hawaii, for your Aloha of Love. Keep the fires burning until I return. Aloha

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