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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Fifty Years of Dreaming
Dedicated to My Darling Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

Fifty years ago - in 1955 - my sweetheart visited Hawaii. But did he get to see Diamond Head? NO! Did he see Honolulu? NO! Waikiki? Kapiolani Park? NO! Pineapples? Pearl Harbor? NO! Did he meet any hula girls? Was he welcomed with orchid leis or invited to a luau? NO, NO, and NO!

Barely out of high school, he was on his way from Kentucky to Korea, courtesy of the U.S. Army, when his plane developed engine trouble and had to land at Hickam Field on Oahu. There he was, smack-dab in the middle of Paradise, but strictly forbidden to leave the air base while the repairs were made.

Half a century has passed since then! For fifty years he's dreamed of returning to Hawaii - this time with me - to experience for the first time the beauty, the excitement, the pleasures and the treasures of the Aloha State!

This spring my darling will celebrate his seventieth birthday. He still works full-time, as a church custodian, while my days are spent as the unpaid caregiver for my handicapped sister. He has some vacation time saved up, and while the money we've been able to save over the years "for our Hawaii vacation" is nowhere near enough to pay for the trip, it would definitely be enough to enable us to hire a "visiting health-care angel" to help my sister for a week.

As the kindest, most patient, most gentle, clever, helpful, understanding and hard-working man
imaginable, my dear husband truly DESERVES the memorable seventieth birthday surprise of a
heavenly Hawaiian get-away, and as an avid hiker, kayaker and photographer, he would surely enjoy and appreciate it more than anyone else I know!

Nothing in this world would thrill me as much as being able to fulfill his dream of a lifetime: to visit Hawaii once again ... for the first time!

Mahalo and Aloha.

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