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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt
Dedicated to My husband, Rick

Submitted by Karen

HI Tech Treasure Hunt

Last year, I was having a pity party for myself about turning age 40. To cheer me up, my husband decided to use some of his techie skills to devise a clever treasure hunt as a surprise for my birthday. This was no ordinary treasure hunt!

Our car has the GPS (Global Positioning System), which is a satellite system that helps navigate anywhere you want go. So my husband pre-programmed several destinations for me and I was instructed to drive to each place. I had no idea where or what I was headed for until I arrived at each place.

First, the pre-programmed GPS directed me to a coffee shop. When I went inside, I felt a little foolish, but when I told the coffee shop clerk my name, the clerk smiled and without delay, she made my favorite frozen mocha drink (pre-paid by my husband). There was lots of whipped cream on top of my java drink and when the clerk handed it to me she added a small birthday candle on top!

The next stop on my GPS adventure was to my favorite clothing store. I walked inside, and the store manager informed me that my husband had stopped by and left something for me. She handed me a gift bag. Inside was a prepaid gift card and a note that said " buy something nice for yourself." Naturally, I did a little shopping and found my birthday blues were lifted already by the "retail therapy!"

I started to wonder what might be next?! The next destination found me at a day spa! When I arrived, I was informed that I had an appointment for a wonderful few hours of pampering. After that, I was so relaxed. My fog had lifted and I had a wonderful renewed feeling and a smile on my face.

When I got home, I was beaming and I thanked my husband for all the wonderful surprises. He winked and asked me if I'd understood the last destination on the treasure hunt. I shook my head. The last thing on the GPS agenda showed a destination that had puzzled me. The coordinate showed something too far away and it appeared to be out in the middle of the ocean. I wasn't very familiar with the GPS system so I figured something was broken or the programming had gone awry so I had just headed home and didn't think more about it.

"Well it's the biggest surprise of all-Hawaii! I know you've wanted to go, so I booked us a trip to Hawaii next month!" Hawaii? I couldn't believe it! I had dreamed of going to the romantic islands one day but never knew whether we'd ever really go there. What an amazing way to celebrate-what a great husband! He turned that day that I'd dreaded into one I'd cherish the rest of my life.

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