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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Parent's 25th Anniversary Trip
Dedicated to Mom and Dad

Submitted by Hally

In November, 1982, when I was 17 my parents decided to take a trip to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary. Being generous as usual they let me come along. We stayed at the Royal Hawaiian on Wakiki Beach. It was beautiful. We were all in awe of the beauty of the beach and Diamond Head in the distance, the smell of tropical flowers and the friendliness of the Hawaiian people. The beginning of the trip was as it should be -- great weather, fine food and lots of rest. Then the Hurricane came. You'd think that this would ruin our trip, but actually I believe that it enhanced it -- all because of the caring and loving people of Hawaii. I remember being afraid during the height of the hurricane, but afterwards was different. First of all, We were fortunate that our hotel sustained miminal damage. Also, during the hurricane the staff of the hotel seemed more concerned for our safety and comfort then what was happening to their own homes. They were so incredibly nice! The next day we took a drive around the island and saw the destruction that the hurricane left behind. The weather was beautiful that day and it seemed to me that that was all that mattered to any Hawaiian person that we met up with. I was and am still am so impressed with their strength and hospitality. I was fortunate to go back to Hawaii in 1989 for my honeymoon. I can honestly say the people haven't changed.

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