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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Live Life To The Fullest
Dedicated to My Beautiful Wife.

Submitted by Anonymous

We had the fairy tale life in everyones eyes. We met while she visited Trinidad, the Country where I was born and lived.

I was decorating a tent for an upcoming event when she happened to walk by. It was love at first sight. Being old fashioned, I got her parents approval to marry her (when she finished high school). Did I mention she was 15 at the time and I was 24. (This was normal in my culture).

I moved to the US that year and three years later we go married. Thats when our romance began. (We were not allowed to date but I could visit her at home). We took frequent vacations and trips sharing our thoughts and minds. Our secret, we never went to sleep angry. We discussed our feelings and made up before we slept. (Usually I Gave in.)

We bought our home on Long Island and had a beautiful baby girl. Life was perfect.

Trouble began when we got deep in debt and had to refinance our home to pay off some of the debt. My mother assisted us in buying the home and lived with us all this time, she was a widow. She got married but decided to live with us until she could afford a nice place of their own. We had no problem with that.

We asked her to remove her name from the deed since the home was rightfully ours, and we would assist her to buy a home of her own.

All hell broke loose. Long story short, she did what we asked and we assisted her in buying a home and they moved out.

We worried about everything including the family break-up and the hard feelings etc.

Last year we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and gave it a lot of thought. We decided to make our theme, "Live life to the fullest"(for tomorrow may never come).

We had a grand celebration and decided to have a honeymoon in Hawaii. We had dreamed of Hawaii since the day we got married. No place could be more romantic. We did Luaus under the stars, breakfast, lunch and dinner never in the same place twice, and had the time of our lives. We wished it would last forever. This was the closest to paradise we`ve ever been and long to go back some day.

It was a stretch for us financially but we did it. We lived life to the fullest. Of course we took our daughter. We are madly in love with each other and treat each other with respect.

We now set our goals and just do it. We don`t need approval or have to inform anyone but ourselves. We live life to the fullest!

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