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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Missing Brother
Dedicated to SGT.Jeremy Spearman

Submitted by Rachael

My brother has been inthe U.S marine corp. for three and a half years now,he has been sationed in Hawaii for the last 3 years now he has been home once,seeing how it is to high for him to come home often.He has recentley been deployed to Irqa,i would love the chance to be able to go see him.I have also had a son that is now 18 months old that has meet him.He would love the chance to be able to meet him,not including the chance to see hawaii,I hear it is so pretty.My brother loves it there ,some times he says he is gonna stay there for ever.I and my son would Love the chance to see the pretty state of Hawaii.
Thank you,
Rachael Hyde

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